Energetic Readings

Energetic Reading

The photo carries the RNA and DNA in actual and vibrational form.  This practice works in the vibrational area of the body, which some call the aura.  From the aura the harmony or disharmony of different aspects of the person can be determined.  The vibrations of different remedies can then be compared to see if they would help the body improve the vibration of that aspect of the person.  This office will send back a disclosure of what remedies tested positive for the person who can then make their own choice of what to do.

The medical profession believes that the aura has nothing to do with the health of the body.  Since this office works with the aura, then we certainly could not be entering the medical model and could not be practicing medicine.  We will not recommend medicines and will not replace the prescriber of medicine.

Please email a current photo of the individual with none other in the frame.

Click here and download the Energetic Reading Form.

Describe the symptoms that are affecting this person and any diagnosis that has been determined.  It would be very helpful to know of major past or present illnesses (including childhood), operations, organ removals, and current conditions other than those already mentioned.  Please list any recent inoculations, and which kind was administered.

Send a donation of $100 for people and $75 for animals along with the photo to the email or physical address above.  Donations can be sent via PayPal to the account clibby@purplechanges.com.